Wax Sealing Process

Wax Sealing - Time to get creative

The wax sealing process is super simple and you will be a master in no time.  Our products are easy to use, insulated, and safe.  We will teach you the ways and you will be a Jedi Master wax sealer in no time. 

Start off by putting 2-3 wax beads (one or more colors) into the spoon. Then hold the bowl of the spoon over a lit warming candle in order to melt the wax. This happens very quickly so be ready! Once the wax has melted into a liquid, move on to step two.
Carefully move the spoon filled with liquid wax over to your envelope (or other desired workspace). Hold the spoon directly above the location where you want the stamp. Pour the wax out slowly at the center point, in order to form a circle. The wax does cool quickly, so make sure your stamp tool is ready to go for step three!
The HOPPLER wax seal kit was designed to be paired with whichever stamp design that fits your personality and needs (stamp tools sold separately). Now that you have poured the wax onto your desired location, press the stamp firmly into the center of the poured wax. Hold carefully in place until the wax has cooled, usually takes 15 seconds or less. Gently lift the stamp tool straight up for best results!
Now that your stamp is finished, you can add some flare by sprinkling a dash of glitter or coloring the raised portions. Be creative... the options are endless!


Try mixing it up - color, glitter, flowers, and more