Our Story

Hi, I am Tyson, the co-owner of this store.  We are a true family run business.  My wife, myself, and our kids all make this magic happen.  I have worked in education for many years and my wife whom I run this company with works in health care.  We strive to make the world a better place one patient visit, one classroom, or one project at a time. 

Hoppler is a brand of our company, WSP Products. WSP stands for Wonder, Sense Making, and Problem Solving. Your purchase helps support our company’s mission of providing students with opportunities to engage in wonder, sense making, and problem solving in public schools.  Not only do we want to support the work of our amazing schools but we want wonder, sense making, and problem solving happening all the time.  From reading a great book to making a super creative craft.  The world is full of wonder and we want to help everyone see it! 


Thanks for staying creative with us.